Clothing Tips for Headshots and Branding Photo Sessions

Here are some clothing tips for headshots and branding photo sessions that we share with our clients when planning for their photo sessions.

Choose a variety of outfits: Wear a variety of outfits that show off your true personality. Start with one casual outfit, one dressy outfit, and then select an outfit of choice. Wear layers to add variety to your looks and mix textures for extra interest in photos.

Choose structured pieces: Wear structured clothing that accentuates your best assets. Avoid baggy clothing that hides your features and doesn’t give you a defined shape.

Watch the length: If you want to get the most out of your images, you will need clothing that is functional. Choose outfits where you can sit, squat, stand, etc. comfortably in ALL of your outfits. Steer clear of super short dresses or skirts as they can be limiting.

Stay Away From Bold Patterns: Choose patterns that are small and flattering. Bold patterns can be distracting in photos and take away from the most important part of the image- YOU!

Iron Your Clothes: Take the time to iron your outfits the night before and hang them up to keep them polished and ready for your session day.

Accessories: Accessories make outfits stand out and give visual interest in photos. Think of your outfit from head to toe and pull in pieces that showcase your personality such as boots, scarves, or purses.

Props: When selecting props, think of the content you need for your website or social media feeds. Bring items that show you working such as a laptop, planners, or smartphone. Bring some of your favorite items such as a camera, mugs, or books. Finally, bring props that showcase any milestones or upcoming events that you want to celebrate.

We hope these clothing tips for headshots are helpful as you plan for your session. Looking for more helpful tips? Click here for makeup tips for your headshot or branding photo session.

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