Boy Mom, Crazy Aussie Lover, Baseball Fan, and College Student Extraordinaire

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tammy and I’m a small business owner that specializes in helping entrepreneurs with business planning and pricing their services.

But I didn’t always work for myself. For most of my career, I worked for big-box retailers (Starbucks anyone?) building retail stores as a project manager. Some of my favorite projects include building the Downtown Disney Starbucks Stores (3 years of my life) and putting in those cool TV screens when you go through a Starbucks drive-thru. BTW, say “hi” to your barista the next time you drive through!

It was 9 years ago when I made a big leap from a stable corporate guru to a self-employed newbie. It was one of the craziest and most challenging things I ever did, but I wouldn’t trade the last nine years for anything.

And now I help other business owners do the same.

Now that we have the boring resume stuff out of the way, let’s talk baseball.

Mariners baseball.

I’m a HUGE fan. I live in Tacoma WA. about 5 minutes from where the Tacoma Rainers play. I know what you’re asking. “Tammy, what do the Rainers have to do with the Mariners?” Well, let me tell you. You see, the Tacoma Rainers are the AAA team that feeds into the Mariners. So many of our favorite, local players are now playing in “the show” up at T-Mobile Park and I love that I’ve gotten to know some of these players from the start like Mike Ford, Jose Caballero, and Cade Marlow. Well, AAA start, not Little-League start, but still, pretty cool right?

Speaking of Little League, my son also plays baseball and is a crazy good swimmer. Most days I am shuttling him between baseball, swimming, and whatever other school commitments he has each week. He’s 13 and growing like crazy. I am now officially the shortest one in the family, well except for the dogs.

Yes, we are a family of dog lovers. Do you know how dog people always have their favorite breed? Well in this house we have Shelties and Australian Shepherds. Two crazy, wild-eyed, Australian shepherds named Beau and Buddy. Most days you’ll find them playing “Who’s Got the Ball” on the living room ottoman or stalking the neighbors out my office windows.

In between baseball games, family time, and being a human trampoline for 2 Aussies, I am finishing up my final 2 quarters at Central Washington University. It’s been a life-long goal to finish my college degree and I am 5 months and 4 classes from finally obtaining my degree in professional writing (pretend like you don’t see all my grammatical errors). Why professional writing? I wanted to choose a subject that would help me in my small business (I write A LOT) but also have a personal interest. I am a huge bookworm and would love to write a novel one day. After I graduate, I’ll pencil that in with all my extra time. 🤪

Thanks for reading and learning a little more about me. I would love the chance to learn more about you, too. Feel free to message me at any time and set up a call to chat, have a cup of tea, or just talk about the Mariners. I’m always up to chat about some baseball!

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