3 Tips For Increasing Your Sales

Exciting clients to purchase your top-tier package is important to achieving sustainable growth. Premium package options not only generate higher revenue for your business but also add greater value for your clients. Bonus! To motivate clients to purchase your services you MUST have a clear understanding of their needs and desires. You are not just selling a physical product or service, you are selling an emotion, a lifestyle, a desire, or a solution. Once you have a solid grasp on who your clients are and what they need, implement these 3 tips for increasing your sales to guide your clients to purchase your premium offer.

The 3 tips for to increase your sales are:

  1. Don’t offer your most popular service or product in your top package. Base packages should meet the minimum requirements of your customers ONLY. Your most popular service or product that 80%-90% of your clients purchase should be in your top package only.
  2. Pack your top package with high-value bonus offers: A customer’s perceived value increases when they feel they’ve received the most benefits for the most competitive price. The more benefits you offer a client, the higher the perceived value and the more they will be willing to pay. Make a list of different items you can include that your clients will perceive as high-value. This can include discounts, bonus offers, free resources, or additional services.
  3. Incentivize Repeat Clients: High-paying clients are more likely to use your services again because they have received the highest level of satisfaction. Anticipate their future needs by identifying 2-3 services that will be important to them in the future. This can include a discount on future services, a loyalty incentive, or a VIP bonus for repeat clients. Include these bonuses in your highest package to make an irresistible offer.

Case Study: A Graphic Design Business

Let’s show a real-life example of how these 3 tips work together to create higher perceived value. Below are sample packages of a graphic design company that specializes in designing handcrafted logos. They cater to brand-new business owners that are just starting to conceptualize what they want their brand to look like. Their clients are feeling excited about their new business but unsure of how to communicate their voice through a new brand. They know they need a logo, but not sure what else as they are just getting started.

When creating packages, here are the basic guidelines we share with our clients:

Base Package: As a general rule of thumb, your base package should meet a consumer’s needs on the most basic level. This package should not include your best-selling offers and should not include any bonus offers or additional incentives.

Mid-Tier Package: The mid-package should (of course) meet a consumer’s needs with a few extras, but should still exclude the top-selling offer and extra bonuses.

Top-Tier Package: The top-tier package should include your top-selling services, high-value extras, and offers for future services.

Here is an example of what our graphic designer’s packages may look like:

Base Package:

Pre-Designed logo

(1) Revision

Final .esp and .jpeg files

Mid-Tier Package:

Pre-Designed logo

(3) Revisions

Final .esp and .jpeg files

Color Guide (high-value)

Font Guide (high-value)

Top-Tier Package:

(4) Custom logo concepts (top-selling offer)

(5) Revisions

Final .esp and .jpeg files

Color Guide (high-value)

Custom Brand Board (high-value)

Font Guide (high-value)

Custom Facebook Cover (high-value)

(5) Social Media Posts (high-value)

(3) Instagram Graphics (high-value)

25% off Web Design Services (future service offer).

By loading your premium packages with your best service, high-value items, and additional incentives for future services, it becomes a no-brainer for your clients to see the incredible value of your business and move towards purchasing your highest-price offering. These 3 tips for increasing your sales will improve your customer satisfaction and give your clients a reason to come back and purchase your services again and again.

Looking for help in structuring your pricing and packages? Contact us about our services.

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